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Ideas for after the wedding: Major issues that could come up and how to address them

When a couple of plans towards starting their family, they sometimes get too consumed with the plan for the wedding ceremony that they forget to plan for their marriage. The marriage starts after the wedding ceremony and goes on for as long as the couple leaves. Hence, it comes as a shock for a lot of people when they have to come to terms with the reality that they are now married and the things expected of them. However, this article while providing ideas for after wedding will make a great guide before the wedding as most of the things discussed should have been known, discussed, agreed upon and probably started being implemented before the wedding.

honeymoon popular destinations


The first thing most people do after they get married is going on a honeymoon. The Honeymoon is a holiday that newly married couples spend together immediately after they get married. It provides them with an opportunity to get to know each other more and make plans about their marital journey. There are many honeymoon popular destinations that you might want to consider for your honeymoon plans. You should opt for a place that you and your partner would consider romantic and the ideal location. Your financial capability and your budget should also come into effect while making this preparation. There are instances where there might be issues with agreeing on a place. For instance, you might already have a place you wish to honeymoon in mind as the man and his spouse might also have a different place in mind. If such a circumstance arises, the man should be willing to compromise to make the woman happy. You do not want the first thing that would affect your home to be the location for the honeymoon. Females are generally more emotional and touchy about weddings and honeymoon compared to men and in most cases, men do it to make the women happy. So it shouldn’t be out of place to opt for your wife’s option.

Having children

It is normal for children to be expected of every union. Some couples often get pressurized to have kids by many factors around them. Some of the factors that could pressurize couples into having kids immediately are pressure from family and friends. However, it would be left to the couple to shun such pressures and decide what is best for them. You might want to have kids immediately or you might decide to wait for a while. It is also important to understand that there might be some delays with having kids even when the couple is fit. Hence, the couple needs to hope for the best while expecting the worst. Desperation about giving birth could lead to unnecessary quarrels that could leave a long term strain on the marriage even after the kids finally come. This is also coupled with the fact that anxiousness or over-desperation to get pregnancy could stress the woman and affect her hormones. This could make it even more difficult for her to get pregnant. The frustration from not getting pregnant could also make her feel frustrated and make her react negatively to things that are normal or that she might not have reacted to on a normal ground.


Finance is another major issue that couples should plan for
. Couples need to know how much they make, how much they are saving and how much they will use to run the house. It is subsequently important to run their house around 70 to 90 per cent of the amount they have decided to spend while leaving 10 to 30 per cent for miscellaneous expenses. Finance can easily leave a serious strain on a marriage when there is not enough money to meet the needs in the house. There are also cases that there might be enough money to seek out the needs but if at least one of the partners is extravagant, there could be some serious issues. Hence, both partners should decide on how money should be spent and abide by it. If one of the partners is extravagant or poor with handling money, they should be wise enough to allow the other partner to be in charge of handling the money.

Making decisions

There are going to be many decisions that a couple will make going forward. Making decisions often lead to quarrel among couples, especially when the man and the woman have diverging views over virtually everything and none of them is ready to make a move. If this is the case, the different areas of decisions could be shared according to each person’s strength. For example, since women are generally more knowledgeable about the kitchen, any decision that has to do with the kitchen could be left for the woman while any technical decision could be made by the man. This is just an example, as there are no general rules for which gender must be better at a particular area and even if there are rules or norms, there are always exceptions. Hence, the man and the woman must be able to identify their strengths, see each other as partners and not rivals or enemies, listen rationally and logically to arguments when decisions are to be made without involving their ego. This way, they would be able to easily identify the best decision because it is often obvious in most cases. The results they would achieve subsequently will always be better of.

Find the Cutest Bridesmaid Shirts For Your Big Day

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and making sure that you and your bridesmaids are able to get ready with ease is important. Packing the right things for the big day can make a huge difference in how easy the day goes and how stress free you are might end up being.

custom bridesmaid shirts

What to Pack if You are a Bridesmaid

The wedding day is all about the bride and groom so making sure that you make things as carefree and simple as possible is going to help focus on them and make the day more enjoyable for everyone. Taking the time to pack all the things you might need to make the day go smoothly is a fantastic way to make sure that the bride gets all the attention she needs and deserves.

Preparation for a wedding can take hours if not the entire day, when packing make sure that you bring a comfortable pair of shoes to help you get around the room where you are getting ready and to make trips to the car and back simple and fast. You should also be packing things like snacks, basic hygiene necessities, things like a robe or a jacket to stay warm and cozy and even custom bridesmaid shirts .

Making sure you are bringing extras as well so that if the other bridesmaids forgot things can help to make the process easier and can also help make sure that everyone is comfortable and has a great time getting ready. You need to have a bag that can help keep everything together as well so that you can make sure you are able to grab it and get out the door quickly on the day of the wedding.

Why Bring Bridesmaid Shirts?

Bridesmaid shirts for party and for the wedding day are a great way to make more memories than you are already making. Bridesmaid shirts are fun, they are great for customizing the party, and they are a great keepsake after the wedding. Finding a great retailer like jCUBEDK is a great thing as it does allow you to quickly and easily get the shirts you want and get them customized and sent right to your door.

Custom shirts are a fun way to bring the bridesmaids together and make sure that everyone feels included and is having a great time. These shirts are also a fun addition to photos if your photographer is taking behind the scenes photos and you want to make them more cohesive and put together.

These shirts are also great if you want to be comfortable during the day while getting ready as it is going to be an alternative to wearing your dress the whole day or wearing a robe. These shirts can also double for the bachelorette party and can truly make everyone feel included and can be a great touch as a gift for your bridesmaids.

A quality shirt like the Retro Squad shirt offered by jCUBEDK is a great option as it does offer a fun look and a great overall feel. It also comes in a few different colors as well and is a great price. Bridesmaid shirts are a wonderful touch and they can help you to get your bridesmaids back on the same track and can also help make sure that they are going to be comfortable and feel great on the wedding day.

Finding a great bridesmaid shirt and making sure you have all you need for the wedding day is a must and can make a huge difference in the overall way the day goes.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Flowers: Trending Flowers That Would Appeal to the Theme of Your Ceremony

Choosing flowers while planning for your wedding can be fun but stressful. With all the different types and colors of flowers available, it is more challenging than ever for people to find the right flowers for weddings and banquets.

While choosing the perfect wedding flowers could be a bit of work, you can get the needed recommendations on which flowers are best for you by going through feedback and reviews on Flowers Fast services . In the end, the type of flowers you choose for a wedding ceremony and banquet should reflect the venue, your personal preferences, and your budget.

Looking for the best tips on how to choose the perfect wedding flowers, here are some of the most important things to consider.

· What is Your Budget?

The first thing to do is to make a decision on how much you can afford to spend on flowers, and then look for inspiration on Pinterest, and other online florists . Having a firm understanding of your budget will aid you in making a great choice.

· Visit a Paint Store

As weird as this may sound, a visit to a paint store would help you in making the right color choices. This is because they have colour patterns, and this may inspire you for your big day.

· Know Your Season

Be sure to know which flowers will bloom for your wedding before you start it all. Talk to your florists, and they will tell you which flowers are available for each season.

· Let Your Personality Shine

Allow your wedding to reflect who you are, and the same goes for the flowers you choose. If you find it difficult to decide, because all flowers are beautiful, select your unique personality. Are you preppy, feminine or eccentric? Choose a flower that represents these attributes.

vibrancy and colour

Trending Flowers that Would Appeal to the Theme of Your Wedding

In 2020, wedding flower trends seem to be more focused on the return of vibrancy and colour , with great bold details. If you’re getting married this year, get ready for a great floral wedding, and these trending picks should help.

1. Sun Palms

These fan-shaped palms are available in almost any color you can think of, including a natural grey shade, which makes them easy to fit into a variety of wedding styles and color palettes.

2. Floral Jewellery

 Why bring your own flowers when you can wear it instead? Pair your floral jewelry with a floral print dress for serious garden party goals.

3. Durability

As the trend moves toward a broader view of everyday life , couples are also increasingly aware of their wedding flowers. In 2020, the general thinking about wedding flowers will be “quality versus quantity” and the reuse of flowers throughout the day.

4. Solid Color Palettes

Couples will switch from multicolored flowers in favor of monochrome arrangements. Think of it as a block of color for flowers! For a richer effect, use flowers of different shades of the same color (such as three or four shades of pink) and add greenery or flowers of different sizes to increase visual interest.

5. Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are another flower trend we will see in 2020. Once reserved for rustic and vintage wedding styles, dried flowers are now gaining a lot of attention across all boards in 2020.

Weddings are events that happen once in a lifetime, and this is why you need to put in efforts to make it a beautiful and memorable day. Getting the right flowers can get you started, and you should endeavor to get the right ones.

Suggests Dry Air Could Aid the Spread of COVID-19

Background: Observational epidemiologic data suggest that transmission of viral respiratory infection was significantly reduced throughout the SARS epidemic by using goggles and also other infection control measures. However, there isn’t any prospective randomized control trials on markers in prevention of viral respiratory infections Aims: To determine the efficacy of surgical masks and P2 masks in households for the interruption of transmission of respiratory viruses.

It’s also essential to make note of how the flu season happens during a period of almost a year. Coronavirus has spread considerably more rapidly, infecting a concentrated number of patients and producing tens of thousands of cases of Covid-19 within weeks.

Face Mask

The situation left us needing population-level modeling, which a band of UK scientists has now provided. The group’s model suggests that markers doesn’t have to be especially effective to slow the spread of SARS-CoV-2—as long since they limit the spread with the virus from infected people, they are able to limit the pandemic even when they create mask wearers more susceptible to infection. But to really control the pandemic, masks must be joined with a lockdown if we want to understand the total infected population shrink.

In the United States, 55 percent of adults reported wearing masks in public, based on an ABC/Ipsos survey released on April 10.

Here’s the way to wash your cloth mask after each and every time you wear it

The big debate over whether Face Mask can help retain the spread of Covid-19 is shifting quickly, with increased countries requiring citizens to pay their faces in public.

Keeping cool while wearing a facial covering is much more difficult, but we’ve gathered some tips.


The Custom Mask needs to strike an account balance between filtering capabilities and breathability. Some materials, for example vacuum bags, are better at filtering as opposed to runners, a 2013 study in Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness suggests. But vacuum bags are difficult to breathe through. Cotton T-shirts give a breathable fabric that filtered microorganisms roughly half as well as a surgical mask in those experiments.

“In summary, our modelling analyses provide support for that immediate, universal adoption of goggles from the public,” the research said.

When Is It a Good Investment to Sign a Weeding Insurance Online, Especially at Coronavirus Times?

Many couples had to postpone their wedding because of the coronavirus pandemic and are now figuring out how to reschedule their wedding dates and how to navigate through vendor agreements. Couples also ask themselves many questions on the roles played by wedding insurance and what is covered during coronavirus. For more information on wedding insurance, I welcome you to review WeddingPlan Insurance’s opinions.

Unlike other insurance companies, wedding insurance is evaluated on a case by case basis, and different companies handle COVID-19 or any other disaster ramifications differently. An individual contract will determine whether a wedding insurance policy covers the postponement or cancellation of a wedding. However, guidelines are available that will help you determine what your contract covers or not. In this blog, I have compiled common questions about wedding insurance and what is covered during a coronavirus pandemic. You will learn everything that will help you determine whether your cancellation or postponement is covered in wedding insurance or not. Situations like; what if a limo driver didn’t show up and you have no option but to hire a new one for double or thrice the price. Will your wedding insurance compensate you for the extra coins you spent?

Will my wedding insurance cover cancellation or postponem

WeddingPlan Insurance's opinions

ent because of the COVID-19 pandemic? Depending on the type of insurance and the day you bought, well, your wedding might be covered. General liability insurance covers accidents and damages that might occur during the wedding. In contrast, cancellation or postponement insurance will cover the cost incurred if you had your wedding cancelled or postponed in the event of difficult situations like coronavirus pandemic, hurricanes, blizzards, or power interruptions. It also covers if a family member falls sick and causes the event to be postponed.

Sadly, it isn’t possible to get wedding insurance now because you foresee a potential problem like coronavirus. It has been declared a pandemic, and insurance companies don’t cover issues related to coronavirus anymore. But you can consult with your insurance provider to find out if your cover was made before coronavirus was declared a pandemic by WHO. If it was before, you might qualify for compensation if you had to cancel or postpone a scheduled wedding. If you are lucky your wedding was covered, you may get compensation equivalent to what you spent.

To know what is covered in your wedding insurance, consult your insurance provider with your wedding planner; if you don’t have one, you can drag in vendors and suppliers, so they know what to do in case cancellation or postponement happens.

Wedding insurance aims to protect a couple’s investment from situations beyond their control by reimbursing incurred expenses when a wedding is canceled or postponed to a later date. But you may check with your different vendors to see to what extent they are covered before deciding to buy a wedding insurance policy. You may ask your vendors to provide copies so that you analyze one by one and know where you are not well covered.

Wedding Planning Can Be a Drag

Planning for your wedding can become a drag. Its not that you’re not looking forward to the day you’ve dreamed about, thought about and planned for forever it seems.

But what you may be realizing is that its not all fun and games and that planning your wedding involves lots of hard work, energy, time and some of your heart and soul. It’s a job. You spend weeks or months planning with a million details that have to be taken care of to get to the big day. It can get tedious, frustrating and stressful and it’s easy to lose sight of the reward for all your hard work.

Recently I came to realize that planning a wedding reminds me a lot of a job I used to have. That job also involved months of planning, long hours, and every bit of energy I could muster.

In thinking about what it takes to plan a wedding I came to realize that planning a wedding is an awful lot like producing a movie.

I worked in the film business for a few years and in that time had the opportunity to work on several movies. It took dedication, attention to details, lots of my time and a little bit of my heart and soul to get to the finished product.

Wedding planning like making a movie involves some serious planning and the process of what you need to do to get to the big day is kind of similar.

With a movie you start with a script. With the script in hand you begin the process of figuring out how it’s all going to come together. You’ve got to hire the best cast and crew for the project; a director, producer, actors and a production crew. Then you’ve got to assign all the tasks that need to get done to make it to the big show-screening day. You need to get sets designed. Get your production schedule set up. In other words plan out whats going to happen and when. Find the right locations where you’ll shoot each scene. Plan transportation or how to get everyone to where they need to be.

While I may be over simplifying what it takes to make a move I’m just trying to show you how the planning process itself whether you’re producing a wedding or producing a movie is similar and can be just as overwhelming.

For example for your wedding you the bride are responsible for writing the script. You envision what’s going to happen, and when and who’s going to say what and when.

You have to decide on the actors who will play the supporting cast; bridesmaid, attendants, ushers. Then you need to hire a director or your wedding planner, you hire the crew: the caterers, the photographer, the musicians to play the score for your wedding and reception. You decide on the locations for your wedding and reception: a chapel, church, hotel or banquet hall. You have to create a production schedule or the timeline of events. You have to figure out what to rent for your sets: the chapel and reception hall.

So you see the process is very similar whether you’re planning for your wedding day or movie screening day. And the light al the end of the tunnel is that all the hard work and planning does finally lead to the reward for all your hard work: the screening day of your finished product.

Yes planning a wedding can be a drag at times but don’t let the hard work of planning your wedding get to you. Think of yourself as a big time producer and you’re planning for the screening of the “Big Day.”

Don’t let the “work” take the joy out of what you’re doing remember you’re creating the scenes for one of the big moments of your life. Keep that in mind when you’re feeling stressed and/or exhausted thinking about all “stuff” you have to do to get your wedding day together.

They’ll be moments during the planning process when you’ll feel that you’re ready to give up and when that happens try to remember one thing. Remember that you’re planning and creating your very own “movie” about one of the best moments of your life entitled “My Wedding Day.”

We realize how difficult it can be to find exactly the right event vendor for your Wedding or other type of event. Finding a wedding planner, event planner or event vendor that you enjoy working with and trust is not an easy task.

Crescent Hotel Weddings

Planning a second wedding? When choosing a subject, make certain its appropriate to the occasion, for example you can talk about what marriage means to you. You’ll be able to embrace a brief story of an ideal marriage e.g. your guardian’s nice marriage. Or you can tell the story of the way you met your beautiful bride and how briskly you fell in love with her. Bear in mind to reward her in your speech; she is the love of your life and everyone should know the good qualities that led you to pop the question.

For those that aren’t wedding-junkies and have no clue what a groom speech entails, then here is a sneak peek. A groom speech, usually offered after the bride’s father and earlier than the perfect man, is a speech given to thank the family of the bride, express gratitude to the guests for displaying up and most significantly thanking the bride. Now that you have an idea of what grow marriage ceremony speeches are all about, listed here are a few groom marriage ceremony speech suggestions to make sure you preserve both your family members and visitors entertained and glad they made it to your marriage ceremony.

We had our wedding ceremony on the 16th March and had the very best day ever!! The resort is simply superb in each approach. The employees are so useful and can’t do sufficient for you, from planning to the precise day they’re superb. The meals on the day was faultless and all of our company commented on the meals. The prosecco & wine in our package was flowing all day and no one was left dry! We additionally had day two in their new bar, which is attractive. Model new they usually had been so easy going and let us have the bar to ourselves all day and night – absolutely nothing was a problem. The venue felt like residence and we can not look ahead to an excuse to return and go to.

Harkening again to the early days of Celtic England, this verdant and luxurious open-air sanctuary brings to thoughts all images of the Green Man and the natural great thing about the British Isles. The chapel’s open walls and rafters develop into ensconced in four different kinds of flowering vines all year long to offer a breathtaking inexperienced lined chapel wherein to pledge your never-ending love to your betrothed. The gorgeous blue Celtic cross provides a standard backdrop for the wedding party. This is our hottest wedding venue and has hosted a whole bunch of ceremonies. The chapel’s historical past and atmosphere enchant guests and marriage ceremony parties.

Talking of empty stomachs, after the toasts, it’s time for dinner to be served. As soon as dinner reaches its conclusion, the bride and groom will have the ceremonial cake cutting, and then the cake will probably be served. This is adopted by the bride and groom’s first dance. A recent development has been to maneuver the first dance to the moment when the newlyweds make their grand entrance; in that case, the floor would just open to general dancing at this point. If the bride and groom have their first dance after the cake slicing, it’s adopted by spotlight dances with their mother and father and the wedding celebration.

Guide To Good Wedding ceremony Flowers

A wedding ceremony rings many a bell in one’s coronary heart and mind. 80% of Australian couples use Simple Weddings to connect with their dream wedding ceremony suppliers. Your marriage ceremony reception might be a once in a lifetime likelihood to have the goals and particulars you’ve been planning for many years turn out to be a actuality. There are a lot of issues that can go improper at weddings. Do not let your choice of the caterers be what goes unsuitable at your marriage ceremony. Kool Koozie Quantity One: (Drum Roll Please!) The Bride and Groom’s names are on the top of the koozie. It said, “Insert Bride’s title and Groom’s name received married and all I acquired was this darn KOOZIE.” Then on the very end, it states the date of the wedding.

A conventional wedding focuses on the marrying couple’s heritage, and fuses culture and a celebration atmosphere to ring in a new marriage. It is all about incorporating traditions from each cultures, and often little consideration is given to the overall cost of the wedding. Invitations must be despatched out about 6 to eight weeks before your marriage ceremony date to offer folks time to plan. Your order will sometimes take about four to six weeks to reach so it’s best to order your marriage ceremony invitation not less than 12 weeks before your wedding ceremony so you could have time to address them and get them despatched out in time.

The fifth traditional blessing implores the deity to gladden the couple, as he gladdened Adam and Eve. The Humanistic blessing is specific concerning the non-factual nature of this couple, but still embraces the concept of two people feeling like they were made for each other. The fifth Manifesto principle reminds us that, humans are social by nature and discover meaning in relationships.” The peak of human relationships is that of true lovers. The ending of #5-6 emphasizes that it’s we who should gladden the couple.

In Shila Arohan the bride’s mother assists the bride to step onto a stone thereby getting ready her to lead a new life. Then the bride performs Laja-Homah ceremony the place she provides rice to the Gods in search of their blessings. The Mangalsutra is the mark of a wedded woman in Hindu tradition. This pious sutra is tied within the neck of the bride by the groom. Without the seven vows, Hindu marriage cannot be called complete. The ceremony of taking seven vows is named Pradakshina. The groom holds the hand of the bride and takes seven vows by Circumambulating round the fire for seven times. The elders then bless the couple and the couples get bonded in wedlock. The Hindu Weddings in India are a mirrored image of the ancient beliefs and purity associated with the marriages.

The challenges that come with planning destination weddings range over a wide variety and their options might not be so simple as commonplace arithmetic. Your family members will most likely warn you to not go for vacation spot weddings as a result of the idea of arranging a marriage itself could be very worrying; add to that the concept of taking the wedding to a far-off place and planning it there. Do not blame your family members in the event that they think you are out of your mind. Here’s a outline for you to fill in yourself for a no-lose speech that can get you thru your responsibility with a respectable speech, please the bride and groom, and get it over with shortly. There is no such thing as a prize for giving a protracted speech. Everyone in attendance will recognize a fast and heartfelt speech essentially the most. I’ll use Amy Smith and Robert Smith as the names of the bride and groom for example purposes.