And so you just got engaged! As soon as the first shock of getting engaged wears off your hones and you realize to take your eyes off from that sparkly stone in your finger, then it is high time that you start to plan for your wedding day. Do not feel overwhelmed by the tasks of being a bride to be. Here are some of the first few things that you need to do to jumpstart your wedding plans.

Set a wedding timetable. The first thing that you should consider is the duration of your engagement. This usually depends on various factors such as your desired wedding date and how many months you intend to prepare. The traditional engagement can last from six months to a year or more. If you got engaged in the busy holiday season but have always dreamt of a summer beach wedding, then you have enough time to plan for the big day. Always remember that the best vendors and wedding reception venues usually book a year in advance.

Begin to envision your wedding style. Your wedding style will reflect your location and reception sites, be it a backyard or lavish ballroom reception. Talk with your fiancé about your wedding location and start looking for ceremonial and reception sites to fit your wedding style.

Come up with a realistic and achievable wedding budget. Dollars, and not dreams, will ultimately become the major determining factor for the style and size of your wedding. Some of the factors that will affect your wedding price tag include the following:

· Wedding date/ time. Weekends, summer months and twilight weddings tend to be more costly for receptions.

· Formalities. The more formal you want your reception to be, the more costly it becomes. You need to match your reception area with the food, décor and the entire upscale tone of your wedding.

· Location. Weddings in metro areas are more expensive compared to those done in the suburbs.

Formulate your guest list. As you start to fill your wedding guest list, there are certain factors that you need to consider. You can be limited by the size of your wedding site. If your parents are adamant about inviting all your friends and family, then you also need to hear them out, especially when they are footing a big portion of the cost. The more people you are expecting on your big day, the more expensive it becomes. Your budget can significantly affect the length of your guest list.

Consider the services of a wedding consultant. If you think you are too busy with work, then you might as well hire a wedding consultant to help you prepare for this memorable event. Let your wedding planner handle everything from the engagement party to the honeymoon. You can also hire a wedding consultant to make a wedding blueprint for you that will include schedule, budge and a list of reputable wedding vendors and other site choices. It would also be helpful to hire a coordinator on your wedding day to make sure everything goes as planned.

Begin your gown and wedding bands shopping. It is never too early to think about the design of your wedding dress. Read magazines about necklines, trains, hues and silhouettes that can help flatter your figure. Ask your fiancé to go with you in jewelry stores and shop for wedding rings. You can buy your rings months before hand and have it on a ‘lay away’ plan to make it easier on the pocket.