Many couples had to postpone their wedding because of the coronavirus pandemic and are now figuring out how to reschedule their wedding dates and how to navigate through vendor agreements. Couples also ask themselves many questions on the roles played by wedding insurance and what is covered during coronavirus. For more information on wedding insurance, I welcome you to review WeddingPlan Insurance’s opinions.

Unlike other insurance companies, wedding insurance is evaluated on a case by case basis, and different companies handle COVID-19 or any other disaster ramifications differently. An individual contract will determine whether a wedding insurance policy covers the postponement or cancellation of a wedding. However, guidelines are available that will help you determine what your contract covers or not. In this blog, I have compiled common questions about wedding insurance and what is covered during a coronavirus pandemic. You will learn everything that will help you determine whether your cancellation or postponement is covered in wedding insurance or not. Situations like; what if a limo driver didn’t show up and you have no option but to hire a new one for double or thrice the price. Will your wedding insurance compensate you for the extra coins you spent?

Will my wedding insurance cover cancellation or postponem

WeddingPlan Insurance's opinions

ent because of the COVID-19 pandemic? Depending on the type of insurance and the day you bought, well, your wedding might be covered. General liability insurance covers accidents and damages that might occur during the wedding. In contrast, cancellation or postponement insurance will cover the cost incurred if you had your wedding cancelled or postponed in the event of difficult situations like coronavirus pandemic, hurricanes, blizzards, or power interruptions. It also covers if a family member falls sick and causes the event to be postponed.

Sadly, it isn’t possible to get wedding insurance now because you foresee a potential problem like coronavirus. It has been declared a pandemic, and insurance companies don’t cover issues related to coronavirus anymore. But you can consult with your insurance provider to find out if your cover was made before coronavirus was declared a pandemic by WHO. If it was before, you might qualify for compensation if you had to cancel or postpone a scheduled wedding. If you are lucky your wedding was covered, you may get compensation equivalent to what you spent.

To know what is covered in your wedding insurance, consult your insurance provider with your wedding planner; if you don’t have one, you can drag in vendors and suppliers, so they know what to do in case cancellation or postponement happens.

Wedding insurance aims to protect a couple’s investment from situations beyond their control by reimbursing incurred expenses when a wedding is canceled or postponed to a later date. But you may check with your different vendors to see to what extent they are covered before deciding to buy a wedding insurance policy. You may ask your vendors to provide copies so that you analyze one by one and know where you are not well covered.