When a couple of plans towards starting their family, they sometimes get too consumed with the plan for the wedding ceremony that they forget to plan for their marriage. The marriage starts after the wedding ceremony and goes on for as long as the couple leaves. Hence, it comes as a shock for a lot of people when they have to come to terms with the reality that they are now married and the things expected of them. However, this article while providing ideas for after wedding will make a great guide before the wedding as most of the things discussed should have been known, discussed, agreed upon and probably started being implemented before the wedding.

honeymoon popular destinations


The first thing most people do after they get married is going on a honeymoon. The Honeymoon is a holiday that newly married couples spend together immediately after they get married. It provides them with an opportunity to get to know each other more and make plans about their marital journey. There are many honeymoon popular destinations that you might want to consider for your honeymoon plans. You should opt for a place that you and your partner would consider romantic and the ideal location. Your financial capability and your budget should also come into effect while making this preparation. There are instances where there might be issues with agreeing on a place. For instance, you might already have a place you wish to honeymoon in mind as the man and his spouse might also have a different place in mind. If such a circumstance arises, the man should be willing to compromise to make the woman happy. You do not want the first thing that would affect your home to be the location for the honeymoon. Females are generally more emotional and touchy about weddings and honeymoon compared to men and in most cases, men do it to make the women happy. So it shouldn’t be out of place to opt for your wife’s option.

Having children

It is normal for children to be expected of every union. Some couples often get pressurized to have kids by many factors around them. Some of the factors that could pressurize couples into having kids immediately are pressure from family and friends. However, it would be left to the couple to shun such pressures and decide what is best for them. You might want to have kids immediately or you might decide to wait for a while. It is also important to understand that there might be some delays with having kids even when the couple is fit. Hence, the couple needs to hope for the best while expecting the worst. Desperation about giving birth could lead to unnecessary quarrels that could leave a long term strain on the marriage even after the kids finally come. This is also coupled with the fact that anxiousness or over-desperation to get pregnancy could stress the woman and affect her hormones. This could make it even more difficult for her to get pregnant. The frustration from not getting pregnant could also make her feel frustrated and make her react negatively to things that are normal or that she might not have reacted to on a normal ground.


Finance is another major issue that couples should plan for. Couples need to know how much they make, how much they are saving and how much they will use to run the house. It is subsequently important to run their house around 70 to 90 per cent of the amount they have decided to spend while leaving 10 to 30 per cent for miscellaneous expenses. Finance can easily leave a serious strain on a marriage when there is not enough money to meet the needs in the house. There are also cases that there might be enough money to seek out the needs but if at least one of the partners is extravagant, there could be some serious issues. Hence, both partners should decide on how money should be spent and abide by it. If one of the partners is extravagant or poor with handling money, they should be wise enough to allow the other partner to be in charge of handling the money.

Making decisions

There are going to be many decisions that a couple will make going forward. Making decisions often lead to quarrel among couples, especially when the man and the woman have diverging views over virtually everything and none of them is ready to make a move. If this is the case, the different areas of decisions could be shared according to each person’s strength. For example, since women are generally more knowledgeable about the kitchen, any decision that has to do with the kitchen could be left for the woman while any technical decision could be made by the man. This is just an example, as there are no general rules for which gender must be better at a particular area and even if there are rules or norms, there are always exceptions. Hence, the man and the woman must be able to identify their strengths, see each other as partners and not rivals or enemies, listen rationally and logically to arguments when decisions are to be made without involving their ego. This way, they would be able to easily identify the best decision because it is often obvious in most cases. The results they would achieve subsequently will always be better of.